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* Dryden, Gordon; and Rose, Colin, FUNdamentals, Accelerated Learning Systems, UK (1996): complete kit.
* Beck, Joan, How To Raise a Brighter Child, Fontana, London (1985).
* Marzolla, Jean; and Lloyd, Janice, Learning Through Play, Harper & Row (1972).
Healy, Jane, Your Child's Growing Mind, Doubleday, New York (1987).
Healy, Jane, Endangered Minds, Simon & Schuster, New York (1990).
White, Burton L., The First Three Years of Life, Prentice, Hall, New York (1986).
White, Burton L., Raising a Delightful Unspoiled Child, Simon & Schuster, New York (1994).
Note: Those marked with * are recommended as easy-to-read introductory texts.

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