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* Yepson, Roger B., How to Boost Your Brain Power, Thorsons, England (1987).
* Minninger, Joan, Total Recall, Thorsons, England (1989).
* Squire, Larry; and Kandel, Eric, Memory: From Mind to Molecules, Scientific American Library, New York (1999).
* Higbee, Kenneth L., Your Memory: How it Works and How to Improve it, Piatkus, London (1989).
Arp, Dave and Claudie, 60 One-Minute Memory Makers, Thomas Nelson (1993).
Benson, Herbert, Your Maximum Mind, Avon, New York (1987).
Lorayne, Harry; and Lucas, Jerry, The Memory Book, Ballantine, New York (1975).
Buzan, Tony, Use Your Perfect Memory, Plume-Penguin, New York (1991).
Note: Those marked with * are recommended as easy-to-read introductory texts.

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