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    To start learning any subject (if you're a print-oriented learner) the co-authors recommend you read three or four simple introductory books on that subject by practical achievers, and then follow-up by reading more detailed material.
    Suggestions follow, with the most simple introductory books marked *.
Obviously, new books are being published regularly, and you can update this list via The Learning Web. Jeannette Vos also has additional regular updates, particularly covering seminars and training, at:
..The Learning Revolution Library
1. Where Do I Start? Go
2. Music: Introduction Go
3. Accelerated Learning Go
4. The Brain Go
5. Mind Mapping Go
6. Mindscapes and Drawing Go
7. Creating New Ideas Go
8. Memory Go
9. Intelligence Go
10. For Students Go
11. For Parents Go
12. For Teachers Go
13. Parenting For Infants Go
14. Early Reading Go
15. Early Writing Go
16. Creative Writing Go
17. Spelling Go
18. Mathematics Go
19. Games for Learning Go
20. Games for Teachers and Trainers Go
21. Learning Difficulties Go
22. Music for Learning Go
23. Montessori Go
24. Lozanov Method Go
25. Foreign Language Teaching Go
26. Learning and Working Styles Go
27. Teaching Thinking Go
28. Self Esteem Go
29. Neuro Linguistic Programming Go
30. Education and Technology Go
31. Educational Kinesiology Go
32. Mind-Body Connection Go
33. Teaching Values Go
34. Diet and Learning Go
35. Tomatis Method Go
36. Business Training Go
37. Learning Organizations Go
38. The Future of Work Go
39. The Future Go
40. The Digital Economy Go
41. Business Leadership Go
42. Total Quality Management Go
43. Business Development Go
44. Asia Go

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