Preface to the new International Edition

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Preface to the new international edition


UNLIMITED Learning - the new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.

An invitation from China to the rest of the world

   When Chinese parents line up to buy 251,000 copies of a book in one day - and 7 million copies in 23 weeks - you know publishing history is being made.
   But The Learning Revolution is much more than a best-selling book. It is a catalyst to change the way you think, live, learn, work, teach and act.
   It is certainly doing that in the world's oldest civilization, where it has become the centerpiece for a national debate on how 1.3 billion people can best prepare for the 21st century.
   The co-authors' message is simple, graphic - and of overwhelming importance:
 We live at the start of history's most profound revolution.
 We now know how to store all humanity's combined knowledge and wisdom, and make it instantly available to almost anyone on earth.
    We need a learning revolution to match the revolution in instant communication - and that revolution is well under way.
    Every family, school or business can take advantage of this new age of networked intelligence.
   This book shows how.
   Already its impact has also been as striking as its presentation:
   The Chinese-language edition is on track to sell 10 million copies in well under a year - since the co-authors first appeared on our television screens in December 1998 in a half-hour national program.
   Around 30,000 copies of an earlier edition have been sold in Sweden. More than 25,000 Swedes have flocked to co-author Jeannette Vos's seminars and workshops. Other international innovators in education have followed.
   In New Zealand, the original book went through three editions in the first five months. In a nation of 3.5 million people, 27,000 copies have been sold: equal to 2.3 million copies in the United States.
   Many companies around the world have responded to the book's message by ordering copies for their staff.
   In our company, we've gone even further. Clever is China's biggest educational software company. We were so impressed with the first edition of
The Learning Revolution, we arranged to become sole Chinese distributor.
   Since that decision was made the book's impact has been phenomenal.
   The reason is not hard to discern.
   The Learning Revolution summarizes research from a wide range of disciplines. It synthesizes that into a new theory of learning and a learning society. It reports succinctly how that knowledge is already bringing about revolutionary breakthroughs in learning, education, business and families.
   It also presents its findings crisply and clearly so that anyone can read it easily and understand. Its unique layout helps that process.
   Since those earlier editions appeared in 1993 and 1994, the world has changed dramatically. And this completely updated edition explores how breakthroughs in electronic, multimedia technology can produce learning miracles, particularly when linked to the latest brain research.
   Some may thus say that this new international edition applies more to advanced economies: those which can afford the latest home computers and Internet connections.
   I think the opposite.
The Learning Revolution shows how even poor countries can use these technologies, and many other new and old learning methods, to bypass the industrial revolution and leap directly into new era of networked intelligence.
   We therefore issue a sincere invitation to citizens, parents, teachers and students around the world: to join us to make that future happen.

Song Chaodi, Founder and President,
Clever Software Group Company,
Beijing, China

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