The Learning Revolution - But Does it Work?

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We've been careful to include in this book only results that have been proven. Here are some:
 In Flaxmere, New Zealand, 11-year-olds up to five years behind at school are catching up in under ten weeks, using a tape-assisted reading programme. The average gain is 3.3 years in eight to ten weeks. Details, pages 384-387
 In a United States Army trial, soldiers using the techniques recommended in this book have achieved 661 per cent better results when learning German: more than twice the results in one-third the time. Details, pages 333-335
 Before changing to new teaching methods, 52 percent of chemistry students at Tempe High School in Arizona, USA, achieved A, B or C grades in examinations. Now it's 93 percent. Details, page 337
 On one course at the giant American Intel group, staff achieved a 507 percent knowledge gain, compared with 23 per cent by'normal' teaching methods. Details, page 25
 Students at a high school in Sydney, Australia, are now learning a three-year French course in eight weeks. Details, page 331
 At Montessori International in Montana, USA, every child can read fluently, write clearly and do basic mathematics by age five. Details, page 263
 In Christchurch, New Zealand, a seven-year-old has passed the senior high school mathematics exam. Details, page 511

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