Run 16 slide-shows with our CD-ROM

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Run 16 slideshows
with our CD-ROM

Simplifying The English Language

This is a sample of the colour slides that form the basis for 16 separate presentations on The Learning Revolution CD-ROM. They also include Mind Maps on the main points of each chapter.
16_01a.gif (328 bytes) This book has also been made into 16-colour slideshows on a CD-ROM.
16_02a.gif (352 bytes) It includes one colour-slide presentation for the Introduction and one for each chapter.
16_03a.gif (375 bytes) Each set comes with a recorded commentary so you can run a series of professional slide-shows for yourself or students: on Apple or Windows.
16_04a.gif (348 bytes) You can also select slides for your own presentations, and print on an ink-jet or laser colour printer.
16_05a.gif (375 bytes) You can then enlarge them on a colour photocopier as posters to use around your room to remind you and students of key points.
16_06a.gif (373 bytes) Students and teachers can also use the CD-ROM as a template to produce their own slide-shows or study projects-mixing with material from the Internet.

How to Remember all the Main Points
How to skim-read this book in 30 minutes
But Does it Work?

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