How to Remember all the Main Points

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If you're a teacher or trainer
Duplicate any 'poster page' in this book on a photocopier. Then enlarge that page and print on bright coloured poster paper. Display the posters on walls as permanent reminders of main points. To make your posters more attractive, print each one in a different solid background colour with the type and illustrations "reversed" so the black printing and pictures appear as white against the solid backgrounds of different colours. 
Mind Map Sample
If you're a student of any subject

Make a Mind Map® of any chapter you're studying. A good Mind Map starts like the illustration above, computer generated by Dilip Mukerjea, of Singapore, and reprinted from his book Superbrain. Mind Maps record information as the brain does, like branches on a tree, and make it very easy to recall key points. See pages 164-167 for simple tips.

Mind Map is a registered trade mark of Tony Buzan.

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