Skim-Read The Learning Revolution in 30 minutes

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Every second page in this book is a 'poster page'. Each one highlights key points: an overview of the book.

'Poster pages' at the start of each chapter summarize its theme.

To preview how this works, go to page 18, and start to skim-read each left-hand 'poster page' very quickly. If the poster page is detailed, skim only the headings or click on the poster page to see a larger version.

When you are reading the full book, skim-reading will tell you which chapters you must read thoroughly and which you can 'skim'.

The idea is to read the 'must-read' chapters first, 'highlighting' key points with a coloured marker pen or pencil.

Then skim the other chapters to refresh yourself on important points, again highlighting key information.

If you're not trained in rapid reading, page 157 of the book provides some simple tips.

If the total subject-matter is new to you, you're welcome to read every chapter thoroughly and at your own pace. But we still recommend steps 1 to 3 above before you read the whole book or the parts that affect you immediately. They will give you an advance overview. That makes it much easier to remember the main points, and much easier to see how each chapter fits into the big picture.

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