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20 easy first steps to better learning

1 Start with the lessons from sports.

2 Dare to dream.

3 Set a specific goal-and set deadlines.

4 Get an enthusiastic mentor-fast.

5 Start with the big picture first.

6 Ask!

7 Seek out the main principle.

8 Find the three best books written by practical achievers.

9 Relearn how to read efficiently.

10 Reinforce with pictures and sound.

11 Learn by doing.

12 Draw Mind Maps instead of linear notes.

13 Easy ways to retrieve what you've learned.

14 Learn the art of relaxed awareness.

15 Practice, practice, practice.

16 Review and reflect.

17 Use linking tools such as memory pegs.

18 Have fun, play games.

19 Teach others.

20 Take an accelerated learning course.