Chapter 4 - A do-it-yourself guide

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A do-it-yourself guide


UNLIMITED Learning - the new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.

The first 20 steps to learn anything much faster, better, and more easily
  Try to forget everything you've ever thought about education.
  If school was a bore, forget it. If you dropped out early, forget that too. If you flew through college exams, fine; this chapter should help you do even better. But even if you flunked school, accept that lifelong learning is now needed. And this chapter is an introduction to simple do-it-yourself learning methods - even if you don't have access to a teacher skilled in all aspects of accelerated learning.
  If you're a professional teacher, we still think you'll pick up some new tips. But we handle new styles of teaching in later chapters. This is mainly for self-starters and those who'd like to be.
  In brief, this chapter will help you develop new skills or abilities. It will pass on simple tips to absorb information more easily, retain it in your memory, and recall it when you need it. It will especially help you to use your new-found brainpower to achieve those results.
   The 20 simple tips:

1. Start with the lessons from sports
  Sports probably provide a much better learning model than many schools. There are at least eight lessons you can learn from it:
  1. All sports achievers have a dream. They dream the impossible and make it happen.
  The champion wants to break the 3 minute 50 second barrier for the mile. Or take the Olympic gold. Or be in a world series winning team.
  All sports achievers, at every level, have dreams. It may be to break


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