Chapter 3 - Meet your Amazing Brain

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Meet your amazing brain


UNLIMITED Learning - the new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.

You're the owner of the world's most powerful computer
  It's not much bigger than a large grapefruit.
  It's much smaller than the heart of a lettuce. You could hold it easily in one hand. It generally weighs under three pounds (1,500 grams). Yet it's thousands of times more powerful than the world's most powerful computer. And it's all yours: the brain that makes you and other humans so unique.
  A fruit fly has 100,000 active brain cells. A mouse has 5 million. A monkey: 10 billion. You've had about 100 billion1 since birth.
  And from the very earliest days of life those cells form new learning connections, or synapses, at the incredible rate of 3 billion a second.2 Those connections are the key to brain power.
  By comparison, in the first three days of the 1997 space journey over the surface of Mars, millions of users made 200 million Internet "hits" to follow its progress. Yet your brain can make 15 times as many new connections in a second as all the world's Internet users made in three days. No one is using more than a fraction of that amazing ability. And every day scientists are learning more about how to improve the process.
  Ronald Kotulak, in Inside The Brain, summarizes the incredible pace of brain research in the past decade by quoting Jeri Janowsky, a neuro-psychologist: "Anything you learned two years ago is old information. Neuroscience . . . is exploding."
   Says psychologist and memory expert Tony Buzan: "Your brain is made of a trillion brain cells. Each brain cell is like the most phenomenally complex little octopus. It has a center, it has many branches, and each branch has many connection points. Each one of those billions


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