Gordon Dryden - Biography

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Gordon Dryden
Gordon Dryden

Gordon Dryden is a New Zealand author, researcher, publisher and broadcaster who has spent many of the last 30 years searching out new methods of learning. During the last seven years he has produced 22 television programs on the same subject.

Also by Gordon Dryden:


Out Of The Red
The Reading Revolution (with Denise Ford)

Parenting programme:

FUNdamentals (with Colin Rose)

Television series:

New Zealand: Where To Now?
The Vicious Cycle
Right From The Start
The Vital Years
Back To Real 'Basics'
The Chance To Be Equal
The Future: Does It Work?

United States series:
The Learning Revolution

   Gordon is also the co-founder of the Pacific Foundation, a New Zealand-based charitable trust, which has put many early-childhood learning methods into practice.

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