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UNLIMITED Learning - the new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.

History's newest revolution: the power to change your life

   This book is based on eight main beliefs:
   1. The world is hurtling through a fundamental turning point in history.
   2. We are living through a revolution that is changing the way we live, communicate, think and prosper.
   3. This revolution will determine how, and if, we and our children work, earn a living and enjoy life to the fullest.
   4. For the first time in history, almost anything is now possible.
   5. Probably not more than one person in five knows how to benefit fully from the hurricane of change - even in developed countries.
   6. Unless we find answers, an elite 20 percent could end up with 60 percent of each nation's income, the poorest fifth with only 2 percent.
1 That is a formula for guaranteed poverty, school failure, crime, drugs, despair, violence and social eruption.
   7. We need a parallel revolution in lifelong learning to match the information revolution, and for all to share the fruits of an age of potential plenty.
   8. Fortunately, that revolution - a revolution that can help each of us learn anything much faster and better - is also gathering speed.
   This book tells its story. It also acts as a practical guide to help you take control of your own future.
   The main elements of the revolution are twofold. They link the modern marvels of brain research with the power of instantly available information and knowledge.


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